CSV Uploading

Import a large quantity of contacts at once by uploading via CSV spreadsheet 

Do you have a list of individuals stored in a location other than your smartphone? Or perhaps you don't yet have the ability to sync your workstation or back office to Maven and want to get all your customers in Maven quickly and easily.

Enter CSV uploading. First: What's a CSV? It stands for Comma Separated Values and is a fancy term for a special database format. It's easier than it sounds - we promise! Do you already have a spreadsheet of customers and contacts you'd like to upload to Maven to easy contact them on-the-go? That's great! You're halfway there.

If you want to export your current customer list from your workstation or back office into an Excel spreadsheet, it is a simple process. Please be sure to 'view all' customers or contacts as sometimes back office systems only allow you to see a small subset of names and the others are reported on additional pages; typically you can drop down to a 'view all' screen, then export list.

Below you will find a video to walk you through uploading your CSV. 

The step-by-step instructions are also written out below the video for your convenience. 

Prepping your CSV

Once you have your list, you're going to want to make the data match the headers as shown in the  example Excel file. Go ahead and create a copy in your own Google Drive or download it and open it in Excel on your computer.

Why does this matter? Databases (that's fancy for information in Excel files that can be read by software) require exact matches for titles or 'headers'. If the headers are off at all, the information in that column will likely not be uploaded.

The easiest way to ensure the headers are correct is to copy and paste the columns from your spreadsheet to the Example Excel File you downloaded to your computer or copied to your Google Drive. Each column refers to a section in Maven that will be filled in with that information. Example: First Name will go in the First Name section of the profile.

If there is any information you do not have on a contact, please leave the header blank. Example, see the Customer Number is blank:

You must have one other piece of contact information beyond name for the data to be valid. Why? This way you can reach out to the customers or contacts you're uploading.

For Facebook handles and Instagram handles, be sure that they are properly formatted. For Facebook, that means that if your contact's profile URL is http://www.facebook.com/mavenlabsf, only type in "mavenlabsf" as their handle. For Instagram, if their handle is @mavenlabs, only type in "mavenlabs" in your CSV.

Converting from an Excel file to CSV

Once your file is prepped with exact headers, you may export that information to a CSV. How? Follow the steps below:

If your spreadsheet is in Excel:

  1. Navigate to the File menu.
  2. Select Save As.
  3. Click the dropdown menu for File Format.
  4. Choose Comma Separated Values (.csv).

If your spreadsheet is in Google Spreadsheets:

  1. Navigate to the File menu.
  2. Select Download As.
  3. Choose Comma Separated Values (.csv, current sheet).

Uploading your CSV to Maven

Now that your CSV is ready, go to my.maven.app and log in using your Maven username and password.

  1. Click Upload Contacts in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click the Choose File button.
  3. Pick the CSV file from your computer.
  4. Click the Upload button to upload it.
  5. The screen will change once the file is being uploaded and a new button will appear allowing you to upload another CSV. You can upload CSVs as many times as you want. Maven will always try to smartly merge contacts uploaded multiple times, as long as one piece of information aside from their name is similar to a previous upload.
  6. You should receive a mobile notification letting you know when the upload is complete. You can also start searching for your uploaded contacts within five minutes in the Maven app to see your latest contacts.

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